Diesel Engine Reconditioning and Machining

Remanufacturing and reconditioning engine components are part of our core operations. Whether it's wear and tear, corrosion, leakage or a mechanical failure, ADF Diesel can fix it!

Remanufacturing and Reconditioning

We can employ specific procedures or simply perform machining operations according to your request. We perform these procedures on mechanical parts of engines, transmissions and industrial machines. We also machine tailor small part series.

Procedures Performed

  • Mechanical component fitting
  • Cylinder and engine block boring
  • Line boring
  • Counterboring
  • Valve lapping
  • Machining: turning, milling
  • Cleaning and decarbonization
  • Rebuilding by welding or polymer metal charging
  • Cylinder head resurfacing
  • Honing
  • Welding and plasma cutting
  • Surfacing
  • Component pressure testing
  • Surface treatment

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